Ceramicist & Painter

Allison Daniel graduated from UNCG with a BFA in Sculpture and Ceramics in December of 2015. She is concerned with creating, and helping others create work that speaks for itself whether that be in the 2-D or 3-D medium. She enjoys working in acrylic paint on paper/canvas, wheel throwing and hand-building techniques in ceramics, and line-based drawing, which allow her to make dreamlike compositions that reveal her perspective on narratives from poetry, nature and lived events. 
Allison has been a teacher with the Center for Visual Artists since the beginning of the Summer in 2015 working with artists, ages 3-16, in ceramics and the art of science. She looks forward to teaching artists of all ages. 
a. Functional Wheel-Thrown Ceramics (Ages 5+) - Learn basic wheel-throwing techniques and take home custom made functional objects like planters, pencil holders, bowls, mugs and pitchers.
b. Basic Hand-building Techniques (Ages 5+) - Utilize and master the tools of the potter's trade. Slab rolling, coil building and craftsmanship will be the cornerstones of these lessons, in which one will learn how to build strong and dynamic structures in clay.
c. Mastering the Portrait I & II - Drawing & Painting (Ages 12+) - In the first session, learn the proportions of the head and and how to execute life-like renditions of faces using different techniques in drawing form (chiaroscuro, line, tonal shading). In the second, we will use oil paint to take a look at color mixing and create a painted portrait step-by-step from skull to flesh.
d. Drawing on Nature (Ages 12+) - Take a botanical approach and learn how to draw your favorite trees, plants and flowers in these lessons that takes place en plein air. We will explore the Arboretum, Gateway Gardens and more to identify and replicate specimens.
AVAILABILITY: Monday Friday (9am - 12pm) / Saturdays (9am - 6pm)