CVA Art Gallery

The Center for Visual Artists (CVA) mission is to educate, exhibit, and encourage developing artists of all ages and at all stages of their artistic journeys. The CVA Art Gallery's primary objective is to propel artists to the next stage in their careers by cultivating their talents and giving them opportunities to exhibit in our modern gallery space. Ultimately, we seek to prepare and prime artists to move onto greater exposure and success, locally and beyond.

In the CVA Art Gallery, we:

  • Offer artists opportuniteis in salon-style, small group, and solo exhibitions
  • Provide a rigorously curated calendar of exhibits by local, regional, and national artists
  • Engage artists and art lovers in panel discussions, critique sessions, networking, and other events
  • Bring students from our educational classes and camps to the space to learn
  • Encourage artists to apply for our periodic Artist Residency programs